Fascination About Writing

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handwriting - the action of writing by hand; "handwriting is usually sluggish and distressing for a single with arthritis"

→ كِتَابَة písmo skrift Schrift γραφή escrito, escritura kirjoitus écriture tekst scrittura 書いたもの 저작 schrijven skriving pisanie escrita писание skrift งานเขียน yazı bài viết 作品

AdviceA new aspiring writer and was pondering implementing some of my very own traumatic experiences that I know folks could get in difficulty for if it had been uncovered (self.writing)

spectacular composition, extraordinary perform - a play for functionality on the phase or television or inside a Motion picture and so forth.

Beneath the outdated dim writing on the Yankee historian appeared traces of the penmanship which was more mature and dimmer continue to -- Latin text and sentences: fragments from outdated monk- ish legends, evidently.

Make a strong effect when implementing to Employment or graduate school having a well-intended resume and cover letter.

npl [creator] → écrits mplwriting scenario n → nécessaire m de correspondancewriting desk n → secrétaire mwriting pad n → bloc m de papier à lettreswriting paper n → papier here m à lettres

writing - the action of putting anything in created sort; "she did the considering even though he did the writing"

Scarce. handwriting, In particular a particular variety of handwriting like that of a selected man or woman or time period.

Shelby had been seated collectively in the dining area afore-named, at a table coated check here with papers and writing utensils.

Authors, like coins, improve pricey since they grow old; it is the rust we value, not the gold —Alexander Pope

the transmission of writing or drawing these that the actions of the obtaining pen duplicate Individuals of your transmitting pen or pencil, yielding a facsimile reproduction for the getting stop. — telautograph, n. — telautographic, adj.

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